Jai Gauranga Prabhu introduced me to these amazingly addictive sweets at one of the shops on the Boundary Wall of the ISKCON Mayapur Campus.  He told me that they were Radha-Madhava maha-prashada – made by a European mataji who lives in Mayapur. When I asked Jai Gauranga how they were made, he replied, ‘Gour.  Dates, I think.  Moori.  And a little ghee’.  I made these for Gauravani and Mukunda during a break from their film strategizing.  Offer, and enjoy!   MCD.

The Recipe:

Preparation time: 15 minutes.

1. Heat 220g organic dates in 65ml (about a quarter of a cup) water on high heat in a small pot.   The dates should be quite dry so that the balls can be fairly hard when they have set.  Stir, and remove when the dates are soft and have absorbed the water. Mix, and set aside.

2. Meanwhile, melt 150g gour/jaggery (unrefined sugar) with three tablespoons of ghee at medium-high heat in another small pot. Stir. The gour is ready when it has totally melted and starts to boil.  Turn heat low.

3. Roast 100g moori/mamra (puffed rice) in a pan or in the oven. Bake or roast until crispy, but don’t scorch the puffed rice.

3. Mix dates with gour.  Simmer, and stir. Remove from heat when the mix has blended evenly.

4. Add crisp moori to the date-gour mix.  Make sure the mixture is consistent.  Do this while the gour-date mix is still warm.  Let the mixture cool down for about five minutes.

5. Roll into 10 medium sized balls while still warm (otherwise the mix will be too hard to mould into balls).

6. Make a divine offering. And feast!!