‘Krishna consciousness develops to the point of ecstasy.  This is what’s being expected in this prayer: ‘When, oh when will that day be mine?’  Krishna consciousness begins with what we’re doing right now – we’re hearing.  And that hearing develops a taste for this way of life, these devotional feeling, these devotional emotions.  And as one desires it more and more, naturally he becomes satisfied in his intelligence that I should take to this science; I should take to the process of executing devotional life.  As soon as his intelligence is satisfied by hearing sufficiently, that means he has agreed to act on what he’s heard.  He hears about the laws of karma, he hears about the desires of Krishna, how to please Krishna, and he acts in that way.  As soon as one acts in that way, he breaks his chain of karma, which has caused him to take birth after birth after birth.  He’s not creating any more karma, good or bad’ – Vishnujana Swami quoted in Vaiyasaki’s Radha-Damodara Vilas: The Inner Life of Vishnujana Swami and Jayananda Prabhu, p.333.