Jananivas Prabhu, Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 9.5.7, Sri Mayapur Dhama, 4 April 2002

‘Without illumination, nothing can be seen’. The sun, the moon and fire are ‘illuminating principles’. Discrimination is coming from Sudarshan. Sudarshan is ‘The Lord’s effulgence personified’.

Krishna contacts the material energy in the form of Siva, who is visuddha sattva. How is Krishna the seed-giving father of all living entities? He is the father of all living entities in the form of lord Siva. Siva impregnates Parvati ‘on a universal scale’. There are three creators. Behind the union of Siva and Parvati is Visnu’s desire. Mother and father are the cause of the child, but behind that is the desire to have a child.

‘The whole spiritual world is illuminated with this natural knowledge and religious principles’. This is the principle of “light” – om ajnana timirandhasya. ‘The whole process of Krishna Consciousness is illuminating’. ‘Love of Krishna is already in the heart. It’s already there. Only covered. Come out of the darkness and step into the light’. There is nothing before sunrise. When the sun rises, however, you can see yourself. ‘Illumination reveals everything, namely our consititutional position, our relationship with Krishna’.

‘Our endeavour is to remove the ignorance. That’s all’. We do not have to endeavour separately, like in the yoga process. We simply have to serve and love Krishna. Illumination brings us to the point of faith; and more illumination takes us further (sambhanda, abhideya and prayojana).

Srila Prabhupada’s definition of sama darsana: ‘I see everyone having an equal opportunity to serve Krishna’. He makes the unqualified equal to persons who have this knowledge. Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur defined sama darsana as ‘seeing every living entity as a manifestation of his guru‘. The living entities are seen as being able to carry out his guru’s work.

When the Cosmic Manifestation ends, the processes of yoga, jnana etc. cease to exist. Only bhakti yoga exists eternally in the spiritual world. ‘Everyone is liberated. Only you don’t understand that. Why? Because of ignorance. Why is ignorance there? Because you are attached to it’.

‘This Krishna Consciousness Movement is eternal. The activities go on eternally. So we can become part of that also when we realize what’s going on here’.

‘Someone said these sunflowers follow the sun as it moves in the day’