Prabhu quoted Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s verse in relation to brahmacarya – naham vipro.  Gopinath is the worshipable Lord of our sampradaya.  The final goal is Gopinath (the isthadeva of ISKCON).

Brahmacarya is not an eternal factor.  Brahmacari asrama is the first asrama.  Generally, one progress from brahmacarya to the other asramas.  From sannyasa we get Vaisnava.  Shouldn’t identify with these designations, ‘It’s actually the last thing we want to do.’  These conventions are useful for social dealings.  The word asrama comes from asraya – which means to take shelter, according to our consciousness.  Brahmacarya is for students.  It is a very simple asrama.

According to your tolerance level, you can remain a brahmacari.  Tolerance is, ‘One of the main qualities of the brahmacari asrama.  It is the only way we can overcome desire’ (according to Bhismadeva).  That applies to all asramas, but we are speaking in the context of brahmacarya here.

Modern society is not Krishna Conscious, so it is better to remain a brahmacari – ‘By developing tolerance, one can remain fixed’.  Arjuna asked Krishna for a solution to his problem.  Krishna replied that there was no solution.  He told Arjuna to tolerate.  We have to tolerate the urges of material nature.

ISKCON is a preaching movement therefore, ‘We have to face the material world.  We have to face Maya directly.  It is very difficult to be true or strict brahmacaris.  Consciousness is, therefore, more important than varna and asrama‘.

We should identify ourselves as the eternal servant of Krishna.  Everything is the property of Krishna.  If there is too much identifying with your asrama, there will be problems.  We act according to our asrama, but we are eternal servants of Krishna.

Srila Prabhupada was on a walk in Mayapur.  Someone asked him, ‘Who wants to be a sudra, Prabhupada?  In our society we get 2nd initiation etc.’  Prabhupada retorted, ‘Not everyone should get 2nd initiation.  If he likes working, he should be a sudra.’  Harikesh Swami asked, ‘But who wants to be a sudra? ‘  Prabhupada:  ‘They are not sudras.  They are higher than brahmanas.  They are acting as sudras, like someone acts as a king in a play.  He has another identity, but he simply plays a part.’

Our first business is to establish a relationship with Madana Mohana, the attractor of Cupid.  ‘We are trying now to turn our attraction from Cupid to Madana Mohanji’.  When one gets that – from Krishna and Krishna’s devotees – advancement is given.  They are awarded, by one’s devotional attitude.  The Brahma Samhita demonstrates how there are, ‘Slow degrees of self-realization’.

Even Brahman realization is attractive.  Bhagavad-gita explains that upon gaining this one thinks there is no greater gain.  You perceive Krishna as Brahman and yourself.  This comes after anartha-nivritti – when all the dirty things in your heart have gone.  That is relationship with Krishna in His pervasive aspect.  He is so attractive as Brahman, the jnanis and mayavadis are willing to sacrifice their own identity (which everyone loves).  Krishna is always attractive in any of His features.

Unless you realize aham brahmasmi, you can not understand Krishna’s pastimes.

Paramatma.  For one who has controlled his mind, immediately Paramatma is reached.  Ceto darpanam marjanam.  That is when Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s movement begins: we give up the dirty things in the heart and engage in Krishna’s service.  We have to strictly follow the principles of sadhana-bhakti as long as we have a material body and our intelligence sticks to that identification.  Pangam means ‘lame’.  We cannot move independently, spiritually.  We are spiritually lame.  All we can see is the material.  First, get your spiritual legs.  Understand what is spiritual ground.  Then progress can be made.

Realization of nama, is realizating Krishna’s presence.  He will reveal rupa, guna and lila.  Srila Prabhupada – Just surrender to the sound vibration and just depend on the Holy Name to reveal Himself.

We should not jump over prematurely.  We have to first approach Madana Mohana.  There is a progression that has been given by the acaryas.  So, to come to the point of Madana Mohana, we have to strictly follow the rules of sadhana bhakti.  That is called, ‘Cleaning the heart’.  We cannot get Krishna by sadhana.  But persons who are part of the hladini sakti (Rupa Goswami, Rupa Manjari) are giving this for the people of Kali Yuga.  You can only obtain Krishna by love.

The mind and intelligence are saying, ‘I am the Lord and enjoyer’.  Guru and the guru’s instructions are non-different.

Questions and Answers

What about reading ‘high’ books?

Answer:  Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati asked Bhaktivinoda Thakur, ‘Can I print Govinda Lilamrita?’  Bhaktivinoda Thakur replied, ‘No’.  Then he said, ‘Yes.  You can print two copies.  One for yourself.  And one for anyone as advanced as you’.

We shouldn’t  put ourselves there or canvas, ‘Our group knows what’s happening’.  You need to know where you are in KC.

Siddha Pranali.  The sahajiya groups spoiled this.  And this was amongst cultured people.   Now you’re taking this to mlecchas and yavanas.  What will they do with that?  So Caitanya Mahaprabhu has given a simple process.  First deserve, then desire.  Prabhupada told Bhakti Caru Swami, ‘I will come and reveal everything’.