‘After about an hour we returned to the temple for guru-puja and Srimad Bhagavatam class. The verse described how Kardama Muni kept his mind fixed on Lord Vishnu, and in his short talk Srila Prabhupada gave a few good examples of how one can do one’s work and still remain thinking of Krsna. ‘In South India there is a class of professional dancer. They take a big jug on the head and without any ring, it is kept as it is. The head is shaved, but they are so practiced to keep the balance that the pot does not fall down. It remains exactly. This is an art – they will dance, and the pot on the head will never fall down, keeping the balance.

So by practice it is possible. There are many professional vendors, they keep their basket on the head and taking a child, going and canvassing, ‘We have got this fruit.’ It never falls down. They are keeping the balance. So this is a crude example that everything can be done by practice. There is another example Rupa Gosvami gives, that a woman who has got an extra lover besides the husband. So she’s always thinking of that lover although she’s busy with household affairs. That means if you want somebody very seriously, you can think of him always, twenty-four hours, in spite of your being engaged in so many duties. It is possible. So we have to practice this Krsna consciousness’

[Cf. Hari Sauri Das, Transcendental Diary]