This recipe was gleaned off a tin of milk powder in the early days of the Hare Krishna Movement in New York City.  Simply Wonderfuls have been a favourite ever since.  The Movement’s founder, Srila Prabhupada, once said, ‘Eat Simply Wonderfuls and go back to the wonderful world.’

Makes about 45 ‘Simplys’

1.  Mix 500g unsalted butter with 500g icing sugar (you may want less so it is not so sweet).  Add currants and about half a teaspoon of grated orange rind and mix all ingredients together.  (You can also add crushed almonds, dried fruit, colouring agents and flavourin essences).  A South American devotee once told me that they used avocado instead of butter for their Simply Wonderfuls.

2.  Mix in milk powder (not quite 500g, since you might need less) until pliable.  The finer the milk powder, the better.  If too dry, add more butter; if too wet, add more milk powder.

3.  Refrigerate for about 25 mins.  Or keep in a cool place.

4.  You can trickle carob over them.

5.  Make spiritual offering.