The following descriptions are summaries from Krishna Dharma prabhu’s ‘Ramayana’

On hearing the news of the death of his son, Indrajit, Ravana was plunged into a state of dismay and lamentation. Ravana was surprised that Lakshman, a mere human, could have overpowered Indrajit, who had conquered lord Indra. How was this possible?

He thought of his principal queen, Mandodari. How would she react? Surely she would die of grief? Having lamented, Ravana became possessed by a great fury. All he could think of was avenging the death of his son. He took up his sword, glared at those around him and declared, ‘My son played a hoax upon Rama by killing an illusory Sita. Today, I shall kill Sita, who is so dear to Rama’.

Ravana left for the Ashoka grove, to kill Sita. How would Rama be able to live if Sita were killed? Seeing Ravana approaching, Sita began to tremble in fear. One of Ravana’s ministers, Suparshwa, however, intervened: ‘Why do you want to kill a woman? This lady should be protected. You should take out your anger on Rama and Lakshman. Afterwards, you can enjoy Sita’.

Ravana changed his mind. With mixed feelings of lust, anger and grief, Ravana resolved to kill Rama the next day. On hearing this, the Rakshasas expressed their joy.

The next day, the two armies clashed. Rama exhibitted is prowess on the battlefield. Rama moved like a whirlwind, killing demons in all directions. Rama’s Gandharva weapon made Him appear in a multitude of forms. He seemed to be everywhere at once. The curved, golden ends of his bow looked like a firebrand, surrounding the rakshasas. In less than two hours he killed 200,000 rakshasas (1,667 rakshasas a minute and 28 per second), 18,000 elephants and 14,000 horses.

The rakshasas fled to Lanka. The vanaras cheered on seeing Lord Rama’s prowess. Rama declared, ‘Only lord Siva and I can exhibit such prowess with mystical weapons’.

Meanwhile, back at his palace, Ravana was perplexed, ‘How could this happen? After all, Lakshman and Rama were mere humans’. Ravana’s generals became fearful. But Ravana was confident. He would despatch Rama and Lakshmana to Yamaraja’s abode. Ravana bellowed out his war cry. Ravana called on his chariot. He was followed by the last of his generals – Mahaparshwa, Virupaksha and Surantaka. Ravana’s forces charged Lord Rama’s army.

Ravana killed many of Sugriva’s soldiers in his charge. Sugriva was greatly angered, and killed many rakshasas in response to this. After a hard battle, Sugriva killed Virupaksha with his fist. Sugriva, Angada and Hanuman killed many rakshasas. After a tough battle, Sugriva also killed Mahaparshwa. Angada slew Surantaka, another of Ravana’s commanders. Ravana invoked mystical weapons, killing hundreds of thousands of monkeys. Ravana rushed at Lord Rama, cutting away all of Lakshmana’s arrows with great skill.

Ravana passed Lakshmana and made his way for Rama, who was like a great mountain in the midst of the battlefield. Ravana and Rama fought with their respective bows and arrows. Ravana’s arrows pierced Rama’s brow, drawing blood. Rama replied with a wash of arrows that struck the demon on every part of his body. Ravana’s rakshasa weapon assailed him on every side. Rama dodged the shafts as they fell, invoking his agniastra, releasing arrows that resembled the sun and the moon, striking Ravana’s weapons which appeared like various malevolent creatures. Ravana released the weapon fashioned by Maya dhanava. And Rama counteractedthis with his gandharva weapon. In this way Rama and Ravana fought.

After Ravana’s suyastra pierced Rama with barbed arrows, Rama countered with hundreds of his own arrows, which penetrated deeply Ravana’s limbs. Ravana attacked Vibhishana with a lance, after Vibhishana struck down his steeds with his mace. Ravana was furious. Seeing this, Lakshmana protected Vibhishana by showering Ravana with arrows. Ravana responded by hurling a lance at Lakshmana. This lance struck Lakshmana in his chest. Lakshman fell to the ground. He was grievously wounded.

Rama took his brother gently in his arms. He called for Hanuman and Sugriva: ‘Guard this prince carefully. The time has come for me to manifest my strength. I shall make short work of this ten-headed monster. Here is My unfailing promise: the world will soon be devoid of either Ravana or Myself. Let the three worlds witness My power toady in battle. I shall achieve a feat which will be spoken of by all beings for as long as the world exists’. In this way, Rama began to attack Ravana with relentless determination.