The Vedic City Project humbly invites you to an evening of INSPIRATION with KARNAMRITA DASI, STEVE NEWMAN and ASHISH JOSHI at the ORCHARDS RETREAT CENTRE in NORWOOD.

KARNAMRITA DASI is a devotional singing sensation from California in the USA. She was trained in the Sacred Village of Vrindavan, under various masters, in the Classical style of Indian Singing known as Dhrupada. Karnamrita is part of the growing yoga scene in the US and has worked with luminaries such as JAI UTTAL and DEEPAK CHOPRA.

STEVE NEWMAN is well-known for his work in the legendary South African group TANANAS. He has performed all over the world with many great musicians including the likes of Salif Keita and Tony Cox. Steve currently works with ASHISH JOSHI, who is one of the most accomplished tabla players in Africa.

‘A NIGHT OF INSPIRATION’ will take place at THE ORCHARDS RETREAT CENTRE, 17A OAKLANDS RD. (off Grant Avenue), NORWOOD on Tuesday 23 February 2010 from 7-9pm. Tickets cost R120 (a donation can be made for children). Please confirm your bookings with Mukunda Charan at

Payments can be made (keep your deposit slip as receipt) to:
ABSA Savings
Acc. Number – 9196814283
Generic code – 632005

Thank you. Hare Krishna