What is the absolute, ultimate good for everyone?

The ultimate good for everyone is pure love of God achieved by constantly hearing about, glorifying, remembering and worshiping the Personality of Godhead.

What is the essence of all scriptures?

The essence of all scriptures is to please Lord Krishna by all one’s activities.

Why did Lord Krishna appear Himself?

Lord Krishna appeared in order to attract the living entities to His original form and pastimes, so that the living entities may go to his own abode, called Goloka Dhama.

Please decribe the pastimes of Lord Krishna

The Lord appeared as the son of Devaki. He was nourished in the house of Nanda Maharaja. He killed many demons like Putana and Kamsa. He took the side of the Pandavas and enabled them to win in the Mahabharata war.

Please tell us the purpose of the ten best-known incarnations

1 – To save the Vedas – the Fish Incarnation
2 – To uphold the Mandar Mountain – the Tortoise incarnation
3 – To lift the earth – the Boar incarnation
4 – To kill Hiranyakasipu – the Half-man/Half-lion incarnation
5 – To show mercy to Bali Maharaja – the Dwarf incarnation
6 – To kill the sinful kings – Parashurama
7 – To kill Ravana – Lord Rama
8 – To kill the demons like Dvivida – Lord Balarama
9 – To stop animal sacrifice – Lord Buddha
10 – To kill the plunderers – Lord Kalki

Where has religion taken shelter now that Krishna has left this world?

Religious principles have taken shelter of the Shrimad Bhagavata Purana