‘The secret of success in understanding the intricacies of knowledge of the Absolute Truth, the Personality of Godhead, is the causeless mercy of the Lord. Even in the material world, the father of many sons discloses the secret of his position to the pet sons. The father discloses the confidence unto the son whom he thinks worthy. An important man in the social order can be known by his mercy only. Similarly, one must be very dear to the Lord in order to know the Lord’

(His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Srimad Bhagavatam 2.9.32 purport)

Krishna does not envy any living entity. If that is the case, then why does Krishna appear to have favourites? Prabhupada gives the analogy of a king. A king takes care of all the citizens, but has very familiar and loving dealings with his own family members. Similarly, Krishna loves and takes care of all living beings, but has an intimate relationship with His devotee. The potential for that sweet, intimate relationship of love, with Krishna, is there for all living beings. In the Bible it is said: God helps those who help themselves. Jesus Christ also explained this situation in his parable, ‘The Prodigal Son.’ The son (or living entity) could live in foreign lands with swine and prostitutes (the material world); or return to his father’s estate (the Kingdom of God) and be part of the family again.