Vedic City Project, Parkwood, Johannesburg, South Africa

A little feedback for my friends. Thank you all of you for encouraging me to keep my blog running. Let it roll…forever…Rolling. Rolling. Rolling down the river…

We had a nice lunch of soya burgers, salad, avocado dressing and french fries (‘chips’ as we call them in our beloved South Africa). The reason? Well, Monday is our space-out day, after a busy weekend of The Vedic Emporium (our food stall). It is also a rest after the Sunday Programme. Yes, that is the ‘traditional’ part. And Tirtha Raja called. And Rupa was here. And Karabo, an old acquaintance from Grahamstown National Arts Festival, had caught up with me through the blog. To cut a long story short: We had an occasion.

Ceremony aside, I soon had Arne, Karabo, Tamal and myself fast at work at those burgers. Once offered, we feasted lavishly and sat around chatting on those big, white cushions that Mr Spisto so kindly donated to us. I was too tired to get into the intricacies of chanting with Karabo, so Arne did the talking (and the chanting) and Karabo left, some time later, with books and beads. Yup. The chanting is our mainline.

Karabo reminded me of our first encounter at the Grahamstown Festival in the winter of 2004. She told me how she had been somewhat dismissive when I showed her Prabhupada’s books that year. The next year, however, she was vegetarian and took two books. She has a formidable memory. I used to take breaks (from book distribution) at her stall. I used to give her and her friends pieces of laddhoo from our Govinda’s food stall. She googled my name, found my blog and we got back in touch again. Karabo asked me why I hadn’t updated my blog. Well, Karabo, here is your answer.

I also met Father Urbani, an esoteric Christian with extraordinary faith in Nrsimhadeva, during my periodical peregrinations in Sandton City Mall. He also asked me about my blog. Father, here is your answer. Mukunda is back online! (Be warned: one of these days I am going to figure out how to upload photographs!).

You will be pleased to know, dear readers, that we now have four Pure Vegetarian Food Stalls at different Fine Foods Markets in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. The Venues are: Killarney Organic Market, Thurs 9am-2pm; 44 Stanley (Stanley Road, Millpark), Fri 5-8pm; Jozi Fine Foods Market, that is occasional so see (Cnr 7th Ave and 3rd Ave Parktown North), Sat 8:30-2pm; and Blu Bird Wholefood Market (Atholl Oaklands), Sun 9-2pm. The stalls have been well-received. Krishna conscious literatures and natural incense are also available at the stalls. Please avail yourself of the opportunity to taste the immaculately divine cooking of the multi-talented Gaura Sakti Das. Yeah!

And the Preaching Centre?

We are currently hosting programmes on Sundays at 102 Hy Len Court, 140 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood. We are on the block where Bolton Avenue intersects Jan Smuts Avenue. Quite close to the Exel Garage. The programmes run from 3:30-6pm. There is (relatively) secure parking by the Woolworths Food Stop at the top-end of the block. RSVP to my contacts which are given on Thank you. The programmes are standard ISKCON format – chanting accompanied by traditional Indian instruments, a short class and prashadam.

We also read from Sanatana Goswami’s Brihad Bhagavtamrta on Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm. The readings are followed by hot milk.

We have a gift shop with a variety of Murtis, incense, incense holders, innovative Vaishnava t-shirts and a variety of transcendental literatures. Vedic Emporium also caters to functions, large and small.

That is the news, folks.
Your humble servant,
Mukunda Charan Das (ISKCON Jhb North, SA)