Dear Readers and Friends,

Spent most of January in Lenasia Temple engaged in book distribution with my sankirtan partner Bhakta John Robbie.  Remained in Johannesburg for the month of February, spending one weekend at the Pretoria Temple.  Visited Ladysmith from 22-25 February.  Participated in inaugural Ratha Yatra in Estcourt, Natal, Saturday 23 February.  It was fun.  

Distributed books on Gaura Purnima at the Coke Fest (Rock Concert) in Alberton, Johannesburg.  Attended Gaura Purnima Festival at ISKCON Lenasia that evening.  Flew next day to Durban (Saturday 22 March) for Lord Jagannatha’s Ratha Yatra Procession.  Spent Sunday chanting, dancing and feasting…then flying… to Cape Town.  Distributed books at the Coke Fest in Cape Town, Monday 24 March.  Obtained VIP Media Pass and met some of the local and international artists – including musicians from Korn and 30 Seconds to Mars.  Book distribution at Cape Town Jazz Festival, 28-29 March.  My friend, Gift, hooked me up with VIP tickets, once again.  A gift from the Lord.  Stayed with the Desai family for a few days.  Stayed with Rasaraja for a week and spent the last couple of nights with the Desais.  Flew Cape Town-Johannesburg, 9 April.

Stayed at ISKCON Pretoria, 8 May-8 June.  This was at Temple President Shyamasundar prabhu’s  request.  Distributed books, cooked and helped Govinda Charan prabhu manage.  Hosted my Dutch godbrother Ramananda Raya and his fiancee, Anushka.  Went to Lens for Jayapataka Maharaja’s class and world-tour slide-show the one night. 

Johannesburg, 8-16 June.  Attended Randburg Ratha Yatra in Johannesburg on 16 June.  Great programme, hosted by the Krishna-Balarama Youth Group.  Festival attended by devotees (with some newcomers).  We have been in ISKCON Bloemfontein from 17 June to present.  We participated in a small Food For Life programme downtown Bloem.  We were asked to give class at the Wednesday and Sunday programmes.  I helped cook on Sunday.  Otherwise it’s been books, books, books.  On Wednesday we leave for the Grahamstown National Arts Festival with Nimai, Bloemfontein TP Rupa-Raghunatha prabhu’s son.  The Festival is great preaching – book distribution, harinam, Govinda’s restaurant and cultivation of the local Hindu community. 

This year is my eleventh Grahamstown Festival.  I humbly pray for your mercy that we can be successful in our endeavors to glorify Krishna there.

Your servant,

Mukunda Charan das (ISKCON Bloemfontein, South Africa)