Dear Readers,

Just a filler really to keep you updated.  Arrived back in the country from India on the 27th November 2007.  Pretty much launched into the December book marathon (when Hare Krishas distribute Vedic literatures for the month of December) from there, basing myself in ISKCON Lenasia.  The Temple President, Caitanya prabhu and the GM, Bhakta Adrian, were really helpful and it was a reasonably eventful marathon.  I have a lot of plans for preaching in SA, so my head is swimming with thoughts.  Still, the marathon was focussed and I did okay (by my standards).

The brahmacaris (celibate monks) in South Africa are taking to the road – like those in America.  Examples of this phenomenon include Gaura prabhu, Savya-saci prabhu, myself and, of course, Jagat Guru prabhu. South African brahmacaris generally have three choices – go west, go to India, serve in local Temples or go on travelling sankirtan.  Nothing new, really.

I’ve been based in Lenasia from December to February with my travelling sankirtan partner Bhakta John Robbie.  We spent a few weekends at ISKCON Pretoria and stayed at a devotee family in Johannesburg.  We rented a vehicle and distributed books in the malls of Johannesburg.  It’s been an adventure, but a tiring one.

I’ll take a couple days break at my parents’ place.  Thereafter, I will go to Pretoria until Durban Ratha Yatra on the 22nd of March.  I’ll pick up my vehicle in Cape Town after the Festival, then it’s back on the road.

Today Partha Sarathi Maharaja will speak at ISKCON Lenasia.

Hope this meets you well,

Mukunda Charan das (Johannesburg, South Africa)